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Lee, Jordan 5/18/08 2° Jung AP US History Pleasantville Pleasantville was a movie based upon conformity. That was the overarching theme of the movie. There were some minor themes like trying to prevent conflict and rebellion, but the theme of conformity was by far the main theme of the movie Throughout the movie, the relationship between conformity and be rebellious is present. Whether it is David not listening to the man who gave him the remote, or Jennifer not listening to David by doing things not of their time, they are always doing something that goes against the 1950’s timeframe. The whole movie was sparked by conflict, when David and Jennifer fight over a remote for their respective reasons. This then continues on in to the show Pleasantville, where they proceed to ruin the perfect lives of the citizens of Pleasantville, filling their minds with sex, color, being different, and the thought of there being something else other than Pleasantville.
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Unformatted text preview: You can almost compare Pleasantville to Adam and Eve. David, who represents Adam, did not want to do anything bad to upset the TV repair man at first, but only when Jennifer, who represents Eve did something to go against that, is when David starts doing things detrimental to Pleasantville. That is when the black and white world of Pleasantville turns to color, representing when Adam and Eve gain consciousness of not only themselves, but of their surroundings and other people. In conclusion, I think that Pleasantville is trying to show us what being rebellious does, and is trying to suggest to its viewers that the best way to live their lives is through conformity, knowing every aspect of their lives so that nothing is unexpected. To live a dull, boring life....
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