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Assassin Guide - Introduction - So why an Assassin? [@#1]...

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Introduction - So why an Assassin? [@#1] To me, assassins are the coolest character on MS. The way their combat and skills is appealing to me and attract me to play this character. As u all know, assassins use stars as its weapons and there is many different stars which has different attack damage. Earlier in the game, they kill much better than bandits. With critical throw, assassins lucky seven damage increase which assassins can deal quite high damages. With Haste and Drain as their skill, they can last longer which makes them can kill fast and more monsters in a time. What does this FAQ help me with? [@#2] This FAQ is intended to be the only source of information you will need to use when researching anything for your Assassin, there will be a step by step walk through which should steer you through the pitfalls that a Assassin faces early on in life, and some comprehensive hints and tips on how and where to level. This FAQ is riddled with information and every piece is relevant. Enjoy! The Walk-through - The Thief FAQ[@#3] The part of the FAQ is dedicated on how to spend your AP and SP effectively and the best methods for making those levels as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is a comprehensive strategy and build walk-through which should answer any questions you have. Rolling for your stats: [@#4] You will be wanting to aim for as near perfect stats as you can get, hence your going to need to roll a 4/4 for both STR and INT, however if you lack the patience you could always settle for a 4/5 or possibly even a 5/5 or 4/6 if your not a perfectionist. How the points are distributed into your DEX and LUK does matter, since your damage depends on how u distribute your AP. After reaching level 10, BE SURE TO HAVE 25 DEX! After doing both quests on Maple Island, take the boat to Lith Harbour. From here, take a cab to Kerning City. Go into the Fusion Jazz Club and go down the stairs. Talk to the Night Road, congratulations! You are now a Rogue. Thief AP Guide [@#5]
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Assassin Guide - Introduction - So why an Assassin? [@#1]...

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