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Entity: Bank Attributes: Bank ID Bank Name Bank Address Relationship: Duality Identifyer: Bank ID Connected Entities: (0,1) Labor Acquisition (timecard) Entity: Cash (0,N) Cash dispursment Attributes: Account no. Attributes: Withholdings Account type Relationship: Fulfillment1 Identifyer: Account no. Connected Entities: (0,1) Staffing Plan Entity: Cash Disbursement (1,1) Employee Schedule Attributes: Voucher no. Relationship: Fulfillment2 Date Connected Entities: (0,N) Employee Schedule Amount (1,1) Labor Acquisition (timecard) Check or direct deposit no. Relationship: Generalization Identifyer: Voucher no. Connected Entities: Payroll clerk Entity: Employee Employee Attributes: EmployeeID Supervisor Name Relationship: Employee Has Address Connected Entities: (0,N) Employee Skill Type Phone (0,N) Degree possesed Identifyer: EmployeeID Attributes: Means of aquiring Entity: Employee Schedule Relationship: In Attributes: Employee ScheduleID Connected Entities: (1,1) Cash Date (1,N) Bank Identifyer:
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