12-2 homework assignment partB

12-2 homework assignment partB - FM B UB CB Bank Name First...

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Bank ID# Name Address FM B First Metro Bank 123 Spinnaker St. UB Uniontown Bank 3128 Bluebell Ave. CB Continental Bank 43125 Lincoln Ct. Account Payroll Type BankID Cash Account # Clerk ID Clerk Fidelity bond rating Checking FMB Ca1 Emp12 A+ Savings FMB Ca2 Money Market FMB Ca3 CD UB Ca4 Checking CB Ca5 Cash Disbursement Voucher # Date Amount Check/D D# Account # FK Clerk ID FK PayeeID FK CDV17 4/1/2010 $4,281.59 1 Ca5 Emp02 Sup17 CDV18 4/3/2010 $2,145.35 2 Ca5 Emp02 Sup23 CDV19 4/15/2010 $85.00 1 Ca1 Emp12 Emp07 CDV20 4/15/2010 $35.00 2 Ca1 Emp12 Emp08 CDV21 4/15/2010 $77.00 3 Ca1 Emp12 Emp10 CDV22 4/15/2010 $15.00 4 Ca1 Emp12 Emp09 Employee Empl ID Name Address Phone # Wage Emp07 Donna Davis 1785 Elm St. 555-1234 10 Emp08 Nancy Hardaway 1929 Oak Ave. 555-1235 10 Emp09 Joe Thompson 6809 Marsol Dr. 555-1236 11 Emp10 Freda Matthews 123 Gay St. 555-1237 10 Emp11 John Matthews 123 Gay St. 555-1237 12 Emp12 Paula Cosgrove 44060 Silver St. 555-1238 10 Labor Acquisition TimeCard# Timecard Date
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