ACCT425-Assignment 1-2

ACCT425-Assignment 1-2 - Assignment 1-2 Discussion...

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Assignment 1-2 Megan Matthews ACCT425-V3WW- Accounting Information Systems Professor Jerome-Stebens September 8, 2011
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Chapter 1 1. What are the different degrees to which an information system may be integrated and what are the pros and cons to each approach? Information systems can be pieced together to form the integration. Kind of like the example in the book with the Legos and k’nex, you can take different programs (e.g. accounting info, marketing info, or personnel info systems) and piece them together to make an information system that best fits your enterprise. Some of the pros of doing this is you don’t have to buy a new system to put all your information together and all your information would flow freely through your enterprise. Ex. If a sale order is entered into the order entry module, the information would update through the warehouse, manufacturing, and accounting departments. Some cons would be trying to find generic “connectors” to intergrade the systems, or trying to turn all the systems to the same manufacturer, which would be time consuming and costly. 2. Explain the statement “stovepiped operations lead to stovepiped systems; stovepiped systems perpetuate stovepiped actions”. Stovepipes are functional areas structured so that the only pathways for communication are at the top. So each functional area is isolated from the other functional areas and decisions could be made without a realization of how they may affect the other functional areas. When systems are not intergraded, decision makers are unlikely to obtain information from multiple areas, because of the enormous effort required to obtain information from multiple systems. 3.
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ACCT425-Assignment 1-2 - Assignment 1-2 Discussion...

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