Assignment 4-1 Chapter 5

Assignment 4-1 Chapter 5 - because they tell the reader...

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1Assignment 4-1 Assignment 4-1 Discussion Questions for Chapter 5 Megan Matthews ACCT425-V3WW- Accounting Information Systems Professor Jerome-Stebens September 24, 2011
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2Assignment 4-1 D1. Data flow diagramming symbols have a variety of system analysis purposes including graphically displaying the logical flows of data through a process. Unlike flow charts, which represent the physical components of an information system, data flow diagrams provide more conceptual, nonphysical display of movement of data through a system. A primary difference between data flow diagrams and flow charts is the representation of the physical and logical characteristics of a system. Flow charts are biased toward representing the physical characteristics of a system, while data flow diagrams can omit physical system attributes. I think data flow diagrams would be easier to prepare because they are not as detailed as flow charts. You would not have to write out as much. But I think the flow charts would be easier to interpret
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Unformatted text preview: because they tell the reader exactly what physical components are used for various purposes in the information system. D2. The difference between task level and business process level models in the REA ontology are . . . .the purpose of task level models is NOT to design a database; rather it is to document the flow of data through an enterprise, where the purpose of developing a business process level REA model is to design the enterprise data base. D3. The advantages and disadvantages of a system flow chart as compared to a narrative description of an enterprise system’s documents, processes, and data flows are (the good) Flow charts are relatively easy for information customers and managers to understand and they help auditors understand business and systems controls. (the bad) Flow charts are tied to physical information flows and system characteristics that hide procedural essence of, and they may be artifactual and tied to outdated information technology....
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Assignment 4-1 Chapter 5 - because they tell the reader...

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