Assignment 5-1 ch6

Assignment 5-1 ch6 - 1Assignment 5-1 Assignment 5-1...

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Unformatted text preview: 1Assignment 5-1 Assignment 5-1 Discussion Questions for Chapter 6 Megan Matthews ACCT425-V3WW- Accounting Information Systems Professor Jerome-Stebens October 6, 2011 2Assignment 5-1 D2. In creating relational tables there are three objectives: 1.) Avoid redundancy 2.) Avoid null values and 3.) Create a minimum database (one that has a few tables as possible). Redundancy avoidance is crucial in relational database design because a table that contains redundancy is NOT relational and most relational database software packages will prevent entry of redundant data. The most critical rule for avoiding redundancy in converting a relationship in a conceptual model into a relational format is to only allow posting of 1 in the relationship being converted. If an entity can participate in the relationship multiple times, then there would be potentially be multiple values of a foreign key to post into the entitys table. To avoid null values in the foreign key fields, post foreign keys only into tables of entities that have mandatory participation in the...
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Assignment 5-1 ch6 - 1Assignment 5-1 Assignment 5-1...

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