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Assignment 7-1 10/13/2011 Megan Matthews D1. Advantages/disadvantages of SQL compared to relational algebra are. . . SQL has the ability to combine multiple functions into one query, while relational algebra requires each operator to be performed in separate queries. SQL information retrieval follows a structured, predefined syntax such as, SELECT, FROM, and WHERE which could make it easier to remember, however the user will need to learn and understand this syntax. A SQL disadvantage is that you have to remember the semicolon or you will get an error message!
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Unformatted text preview: D2. Advantages/disadvantages of QBE compared to SQL are . . . well QBE happens to be much easier to understand; as it has a more “point and click” feel to it. Anyone who can read can use the database without any formal training. QBE provides examples of what the answers to a query may look like. If using QBE instead of SQL you do not need to know the SQL codes to generate useful queries. A major disadvantage is that if you don’t ask the correct question, you will not get the correct answer!...
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