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Assignment 8-1 Chapter 9

Assignment 8-1 Chapter 9 - occurred at a specified location...

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Week 8: Chapter 9 Discussion Questions Assignment 8-1 D1. A design alternative an enterprise could consider for storing operating asset acquisition information is that the enterprise could set up a table that includes attributes such as acquisition date, acquisition cost, and acquisition item ID. The enterprise could assign a primary key that is unique to the table that can also be used as a foreign key in order to relate the other tables as needed through quires. D2. Management: 1) summarized information for a specified time period for only those instances of an event type that meet specific criteria. (Average dollar value of the event instances for a specified location during a specific time period). 2) They should know the total balance in all cash accounts. Marketing: 1) detailed information about each event instance, such as what happened, when did it happen, and where did it happen. 2) detailed information about each event instance that meets specified criteria; events of a specified type that occurred during a specified time period or that
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Unformatted text preview: occurred at a specified location. Finance and Accounting: 1) a list of fixed assets owned by the enterprise. 2) A list of all cash accounts owned by an enterprise as of a specified date. Human resources: 1) A list of all employees that possess certain characteristics. 2) a list of employees that live in a specified city or state. Production: 1) Total number of purchase orders made during a specified time period. 2) the average age of an enterprises machinery on a specific date. All these things can be used by all the different departments, it depends on what the user is looking for and how they plan on using the information. D3. The entities that need to be included would be purchases, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, and purchasing agents. The relationships include fulfillment relationships that include the instigation event: purchase requisition and the commitment event: purchase order and the decrement event: purchase....
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