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Megan Matthews 11/3/11 Acct 425 Chapter 10 D1. a.) If the enterprise integrates the financing and payroll views, the intergraded view should include only one cash entity. b.) The intergraded model should include cash account types, cash account number, cash account ID, cash account location, and cash account balance for the cash entities. c.) Some of the questions you would need to ask to determine?, and 2. Are the attributes for both the financing department and payroll department cash entries the same? D2. The differences between the tables in exhibit 8-20 & 9-18 and table 10-9 is that exhibits 8-20 & 9-18 include a separate table for each type of employee, for example shipping clerk, sales clerk, and department supervisor. Table 10-9 puts all the employee records into one table.
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Unformatted text preview: D3. It is considered an implementation compromise because a pure relational theory would not allow a null value in a database table. Having an implementation relationship allows null values as long as the data follows the cardinality pattern. Participation of a cash receipt is optional; a cash receipt could exist without a related customer. So the values for some customers could be null. D4. A company may decide to roll up its cash disbursement event activity to control the growth of the event activity. They may want to wait until the event history details are no longer needed and then roll the data into a single event occurrence. This would be considered a physical implementation compromise....
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