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Case Band Boosters (BBS) Using Microsoft Access You have volunteered to take on the role as treasurer for your local high school’s Band Booster program. The prior year’s treasurer just kept Excel files of the student and transaction information. You have decided that it would be easier for you in the long run to have this data in a database so that you can create reports and run queries as needed. Embedded in this document is the Excel file the ex treasurer forwarded to you. There are two tabs, one which contains Student demographical data and second which contains Student transaction data. Submit your entire Database to the instructor. Use the naming convention of queries, forms and reports as indicated below: 1. Open a new database and call it BandBoosters using Access. Import into separate tables the 2 worksheets contained in the Excel file below called BandBoosterData. Use the worksheet names as the table names. Use the Student ID as the primary key for the Students table. Select No Primary key for the transactions table.
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