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Megan Matthews ACCT 425 November 17, 2011 Chapter 12 D1. How do you compute the dollar amount of wages payable for financial statement purposes using a database designed with the REA ontology? You would have to create 3 queries. The first one would have to find the gross pay amounts for the labor acquisitions that have occurred, the second query would have to find the net pay and withholding amounts that reduce gross pay, and the third query would have to use the first two by subtracting the total amounts of query two from the total amounts of query one. This would give you the dollar amount of wages payable. D2. How does training provided to employees affect the resources in the human resource process? Training makes an employee more valuable to a company. Although an enterprise usually does not end up owning an employee’s knowledge and skills, one would assume measurements of knowledge and skills are encompassed in the wage rate and time worked. D3. Consider the tables in Exhibit 12-7.
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