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OrgCodes Page 1 COMPANY ORG_CODE DESC COR 001 Ohio North COR 002 Ohio South COR ADMIN Administration COR BLP Big Big Building Center COR BRY Bearyland Center COR CENTRAL Central Division COR D1 Division One COR GHB Green Head Building Centr COR HEADNF Headstart Non Federal COR HS Head Start COR HSS Healthy Start COR PCC Partner Central Council COR RSV Rsvp Grant COR YTH Youth Services DTI 111 USA DTI 5407 Maintenance DTI 5807 Washing DTI 6207 Driver DTI 6505 Broker DTI 6806 Dispatch DTI 701 Dedicated Transport DTI 702 Cargil Dayton DTI 703 General Office DTI 7206 Administration DTI 7206.06 Safety Admin DTI 721 Cleveland Warehouse DTI 722 Cincinnati Warehouse DTI 777 Dedicated Tote DTI COBRA Cobra Participant DTI COBRA DEP. Cobra Dependent DTI DED CINC WAR 722 DTI DED CLEVE WH 721 DTI DED CORP 703 DTI DED DAYTON 702 DTI DED DIST 701 DTI DED TOTE 777 DTI GEN OFFC General Office DTI TOTE Tote DTI TRUCKING Trucking DTI WAREHOUSE Warehouse JLH ADMIN Administration JLH BK Backhaul JLH CENTRAL
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