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Assignment 2-1 Humn - 1Assignment 2-1 Module Two Reading...

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1Assignment 2-1 Module Two Reading Assignment Assignment 2-1 Megan Matthews HUMN 305 E5WW Global Issues Professor Jaeger August 28, 2011
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2Assignment 2-1 Describe the links between poverty and population increase. The higher the degree of poverty in a society, the higher the rates of population increase. The instinct to survive drives poor families to have more children than wealthy families for practical economic reasons: children are a source of security for those living in the margins of survival. More children means more hands to help with the difficult tasks of making a living out of a subsistence environment. A working child can contribute to the household by the age of 6 and produce more than he/she consumes by age 12. The high infant and child mortality rates mean that the odds of accomplishing all of the stated objectives are improved by having enough children to replace those who die young.(p. 59-60) Describe and explain the results of more than five decades of programs created to achieve development in the Other World. Advocates of this five decades of programs point to satisfaction that show Other World
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Assignment 2-1 Humn - 1Assignment 2-1 Module Two Reading...

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