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1Reading Assignment 3 Assignment 3-1 Chapter 4- Women and Development Megan Matthews HUMN 305 E5WW-Global Issues Professor Jaeger September 3, 2011
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2Reading Assignment 3 How are women finding educational opportunities in spite of their often diminished status in many societies? Modern African nations use the “rule of law” to gain legitimacy. By law, women gained legal rights to schooling, property, and divorce. (p.82) The UN Population Fund continues to track the close connection between education and fertility. In the southern Indian state of Kerala, the fertility rate is low, 2.3 children per woman. Why is it so low when others may have three or four times as many children? Most clam it’s because of female literacy in Kerala is 66 percent – many times greater than other areas in India. In addition, women of Kerala have social and legal status. Many experts believe that women with education appear to look for more equality in martial arrangements and for more economic opportunities for their children. (p. 92) How has globalization hurt women economically in the Other World? Globalization has brought more job opportunities, but many of these jobs are low-tech
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Assignment 3-1 - 1Reading Assignment 3 Assignment 3-1...

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