Assignment 3-2 HUMN305

Assignment 3-2 HUMN305 - 1What Culture do You Wear...

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1What Culture do You Wear Assignment 3-2 What Culture Do You Wear? Megan Matthews HUMN 305 E5WW Global Issues Professor Jaeger September 3, 2011
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2What Culture do You Wear Dress code and customs are thought of as being characteristic of a group.(Tesfay, 2009). I chose to take a look at the dress code of the Gypsy Gábors in Romania. All members of this group are expected to wear clothes that identify their age and gender. Men wear a broad brimmed hat, loosely fitting black trousers, a dark overcoat, and a shirt. Men also wear facial hair, normally a mustache and side whiskers. The elderly men, along with the whole male attire, wear a waist coat with silver buttons. Women wear colorful pleated skirts, colorful blouses with patterns, and a long pleated apron, usually in the same material as the skirt. Married and young women wear a red ribbon or a kerchief in their hair. (Fig.1, A sample of Normal Gábor wear in Romania, Source: Google) Before they marry, in within the first few years of marriage, up to age 25, women wear white and light colored skirts. Between the ages of 25 and 60, they wear green and purple skirts, dark blue and brown are worn by the elderly, and black is reserved for morning.
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Assignment 3-2 HUMN305 - 1What Culture do You Wear...

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