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Assignment 6-4 - Reflection Paper Assignment 6-4 Megan...

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Reflection Paper Assignment 6-4 Megan Matthews HUMN 305 E5WW Global Issues Professor Jaeger September 24, 2011
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Over the past six weeks in my Global Issues class I have learned some new things. I have learned how to write a paper in APA format. I have learned about other world countries and how they are trying to globalize, and I have learned how to research information and put it into my own words on paper. Before I started at Franklin University, I had written all my papers in MLA format. I have to say though, I really was not any good at that either. I never really got an A on a paper I wrote. I was terrible with in text quotes, and I think I still am, but I believe I am getting better at it. I also never had to write an annotated bibliography. I wasn’t sure if that was done correctly, but I’m glad for at least the first part of it, as I haven’t gotten my grade for the final, I did well! During the class we were all assigned different countries around the world. All of them were third or other world countries.
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