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Children and youth living with HIV face wide spread discrimination that keeps them from attending school, obtaining necessary medical care, working, or even learning about their medical condition. (Human Rights Watch: Romania). More than 7,500 children in Romania are living with the HIV virus. The majority of them were infected as a direct result of the Romanian government policies that exposed them to contaminated needles and “micro transfusions” in which young children were injected with unscreened blood, in thought that this would improve their immune systems. Now these children are banned from going to school if their HIV status becomes known. Some of these children are put in “special” schools, which are not quite as good as the public school systems. Doctors refuse to see them and try to discourage them from seeking medical care. When these children reach the age to obtain jobs, they are subject to take HIV screening tests, and will not be able to work if they are HIV positive. I found a few Human Rights that are violated here for the children with HIV.
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