history exam #1 sample questions

history exam #1 sample questions - 1. According to Edmund...

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1. According to Edmund Morgan’s Puritan Dilemma, Roger Williams antagonized the leadership of Massachusetts by arguing that a. The Roman Catholic Church was the only true church. b. The authority of the Church of England should extend to New England c. The government should have complete authority in matters of religious conscience. d. The Puritans should separate themselves from the Church of England 2. The new colonial program instituted in 1763 by George Grenville, First Lord of the English Treasury, was designed to a. Deal with England’s financial problems by raising revenues from the colonies. b. Reduce the colonies to a state of economic dependency. c. Extract war reparations from the colonists for their refusal to participate in the French and Indian War. d. Encourage colonial economic independence from England. 3. The significance of the Stamp Act Congress in 1765 was that it a. Represented the first united colonial action against England based on a fundamental political and philosophical agreement. b.
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history exam #1 sample questions - 1. According to Edmund...

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