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History_1877-_Exam_1 - 1.Is a critical analysis of human...

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1.Is a critical analysis of human past to help us understand ourselves 2.The strength of localism is a major obstacle 3.Localism was a powerful cultural force in colonial America 4.They provided the machinery for coordinating views and actions 5.Declining respect for established authority 6.the founding fathers… feared the property-less masses 7.The great awakening had effect… increasing religious diversity in the colonies 8.Settled the question of congressional 9.“City upon a hill”… serves as a model Christian Community 10.Federalist Number 10… the size and diversity for the nation would make it impossible 11.A belief in the right of property, philosophy…(economic individualism, the value of competition, and rights of property) 12.First Continental congress… a formal declaration of independence if the intolerable acts of 1774 13.The sugar Act…
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lowered tax on foreign molasses imported into America 14.Looking back over the previous years seven years from the perspective of 1770…
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