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1.Strictly interpreting the U.S. constitution. 2.He believed the bank represented a dangerous concentration of wealth and power 3.Thomas Jefferson 4.That the “necessary and proper” clause of the constitution permitted establishment of such 5.Alexander Hamilton 6.Supported the power of the state to regulate corporation for the good of community 7.The American colonists brought the legal basis for slavery with them 8.High land prices 9.Simply restored the status quo ante bellum 10.Rise of organized national political parties competing 11.Expectant capitalists 12.Whites and free blacks could not live peacefully in the same society 13.The avoidance of a declared war against France 14.Thomas Jefferson 15.Funding the entire national debt at its par or face value 16.Brutalized both the slave owner and the slave 17.Asserted the right of states to judge the constitutionalized 18.Based on the realistic notion that a nations foreign policy should be guided 19.Was a part of the Supreme Courts power of “judicial review”
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Unformatted text preview: 20.Propelled Andrew Jackson into national spotlight 21. A belief in the rights of property, the philosophy of economic individualism, the value of competition. 22.Expanding industry and commerce 23.A protest by western Pennsylvanian’s 24.Freedom of economic opportunity 25.Consisted of a coalition of groups opposed to “King Andrew” Jackson 26.The treaty never passed the U.S. senate 27.Tended to favor national supremacy over states’ rights 28.A practical man 29.No new territory 30.If your mother was a slave and your father was white, state law would determine whether you were a slave. 31.The institution of slavery 32.Was more interested in the ends of gov’t than in the means of gov’t as his purchase of Louisiana territory 33.Outrage at the French gov’ts affront to American horror 34.The legitimacy of slavery as economic institution 35.John Quincy Adams in 1820 at the time of the Greek territory 36. Skin color...
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