English 1303 - Introduce and summarize#1 I S 2 I S 3...

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Analysis and synthesis Essay Steps to an Analysis and Synthesis Essay Step 1: Figure out your position. (Problem) Step 2: Find research (scholarly) Step 3: Revise your position based on your research Step 4: Read and understand your research 1. Write a Summary 2. Explore the article’s rhetorical (persuasive) strategies 3. List all the similarities and the differences for your pieces of research. Step 5: Revise our position (see if it changed after researching) Step 6: Write an outline Introduction(introduce the problem) Then sate ur thesis
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Unformatted text preview: Introduce and summarize #1 I + S # 2 I + S # 3 Analytical section Explanation of the senenses ideas Synthesis section Your ides Conclude MAP # 2 Intro S+A # 1 S+A # 2 S+A # 3 Synthesis-give your own POV Conclude Research Paper 1-Intro to a problem 2-State a solution 3-Provide research a. Systematically explain research b. Syntinatically explain what is has to do with your research very important Assertion evidence Explainaton for what evidence has to do with assertion (argument happens here)...
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English 1303 - Introduce and summarize#1 I S 2 I S 3...

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