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notes on donkey kong - Not bias It allows to learn abt...

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Sections : Overview of Donkey Kong History of Billy & TG Steve Wiebe’s sad life Tapes his record breaking score TG= *Roy Schildt Steve’s Garage Live scores only-SW Funspot Billy has a taped score>Steve’s False ending Quick cuts Laughable characters Multiple POV Makes you care Makes you take them seriously Good Guy & Bad Guy: How does the angle of vision create this? Good Guy-Steve Bad Guy-Billy Introduce ambiguity, lack of clarity, around steve wiebe and TG Development
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Unformatted text preview: Not bias It allows to learn abt steve by urself • Invasion of home • Billy Mitchell=devious person Doing his hair Handle: USA=its all ur fault • Steve S deserves the score and billy said I dunno How do they make it interesting? • Competition Universal Underdog • Characters Framing: selection details information • Release of information o Suspense Make game bigger than it is spend their lives Make you take it seriously...
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