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American University of Sharjah Department of Chemical Engineering Process Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization (CHE 430) (Dr. Nabil Abdel Jabbar/Eng. Mann Sardast) Fall 2005 Projects 1) Packed bed distillation column 2) Bubble cap distillation column 3) Packed absorption column 4) Wetted wall absorption 5) Tubular reactor 6) Rising film evaporator Each project team will select one process system from the above list and do the following: a) Develop a dynamic model for your selected process. Clearly state all your assumptions. Include all model equations and constitutive equations needed. b) Solve your dynamic model using MATLAB and obtain the steady state solution.
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Unformatted text preview: c) Simulate the process at steady state using HYSYS. d) Validate your model steady state solution with experimental data obtained from the experimental run in CHE 451 lab for the selected process. e) Tune your model (if necessary) to match experimental data with simulation results. f) Optimize the performance of the process. Each team then submits a term paper and presents simulation results in the class. These project tasks will carry 25% of the total grade. The deadline for paper submission will be on Nov. 30 th , 2005. The presentations will be held during class/lab time and will be scheduled during the first week of December....
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