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Jeremy Pflug GM 591 OCI Assignment VeriCore is one of the top commercial collection agencies in the United States, providing collection efforts in the 50 states and internationally. We have four offices currently in Cincinnati, Ohio, Tempe, Arizona, Huntersville, North Carolina, and Mandeville, Louisiana. It was founded in 2001 by 5 men with 20+ years of commercial collection experience. All of them worked for NCO Financial before deciding to collectively leave and start their own agency. They wanted to build an aggressive agency built of principles that were bold and new to the field. There are 10 employees in the Cincinnati, Ohio office, composed of 1 executive, 7 salesmen, and 2 collectors. The OCI primary style is competitive. The secondary style is power. The weakest style is avoidance. Given the nature of the business, it is not at all shocking to me that competitive and power are the top two.
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Unformatted text preview: Day in and day out, in a sales environment we are pushed to quotas and driven by a competitive nature toward reaching the sales goals that are set for us. Power fits right in behind the competitive nature because everyone wants to be number one. By being number one, you have the power. A sales position is a tough position to work in because you only get ahead by selling… period. You numbers are out in front of everyone and they don’t lie. What you are bringing to the table is what makes or breaks your “power” in the company. On the other side, the weakest is avoidance – it is completely true for our company. We reward the sales figures and fire those who don’t hit quotas. There is not real in between. Everyone has their own personal “business’ and is expected to run it. You don’t wait for things to fall in your lap because it simply won’t happen....
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