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GM591 WRITTEN OCI PAPER RUBRIC Criteria Failed to Meet Minimum Standards Met Minimum Standards Satisfactory Good Superior Introduction (10 points) Introduction is not apparent 0 Introduction is vague; incomplete; lacks a focus 4 Introduction barely reflects adequate information to acquaint reader to the organization/unit 6 Contains a focus to describe the organization/unit; may contain extraneous information or lack a complete description for an unfamiliar reader 8 Introduction has a sharp, distinct focus; complete information; provides a detailed understanding of organization/unit 10 Current Culture (20points) None apparent 0 Lists current culture; lacks descriptions and behavioral examples 5 Lists cultural results; behavioral examples are not specific to resulting styles 10 Presents results with vague examples to support evaluative statements 15 Focused and concise; provides examples with a clear tie to resulting styles 20 Targets for Cultural Change (35 points) None provided 0 Completes table; lists
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This note was uploaded on 12/17/2011 for the course MBA 500 taught by Professor Dr.jones during the Spring '11 term at Morehead State.

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