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Assignment #2 - Jeremy Pflug CIS 615 Team 2 Ch4 #14 -...

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Jeremy Pflug CIS 615 Team 2 Ch4 #14 - Explain how informed consent, legislation, industry self-regulation, and technology tools help protect the individual privacy of Internet users. Informed consent helps with individual privacy because when you are going into a site, the internet asks you if you give your permission to give your information and in return you are allow access to the web-site. This allows a person to see the risks that may be taking with their personal information and gives them the choice to whether or not they want to give the information. Legislation has been brought forth and passed in Congress to help with the privacy of individuals. Many legislation acts such as: Electronic Privacy Protection Act, Consumer Online Privacy and Disclosure Act, Spyware Control and Privacy Protection Act of 2000, Consumer Internet Privacy Enhancement Act, and many others have been implemented to ensure safety. Industry self-regulation - Several industry trade associations have tried to educate their members about privacy, encouraging them to implement data collection and use policies as a part of good business practices. With respect to children, the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU), has established self-regulatory guidelines for advertising to children on the Internet. Technology tools such as virus scanners and spyware catchers and easily obtained by individuals for their computers. These programs will not allow people into your personal information and will stop spam, spyware and other forms of viruses. Ch4 #18 - Name and describe four quality of life impacts of computers and information systems, giving brief real-life examples. Losing the “face to face” contact – Many people are communicating through telecommunication
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Assignment #2 - Jeremy Pflug CIS 615 Team 2 Ch4 #14 -...

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