Chapter 5 Case Study

Chapter 5 Case Study - manager more frequently allowing him/her to respond more directly with advice product in-stock verifications and price

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Jeremy Pflug CIS 615 Team #2 Ch. 5 Case Study 1. Examples of disruptive products created by Apple are the Ipod, ITunes Store, AppStore, and the MacBook. The IPhone is a highly disruptive product because not only is it replacing mobile phones and PDAs but also the basic PC. 2. The Salesforce’s SFA application can use the IPhone to see their sales goals in a graph, their contacts and detailed scheduling on their upcoming sales calls. All the data from the Salesforce application can be saved on the IPhone. 3. Other websites that have open development platforms are Facebook and MySpace. 4. Some of the advantages of the SFA application for salespeople are it has activity reports, information requests, orders booked, and other sales information will be sent to the sales
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Unformatted text preview: manager more frequently, allowing him/her to respond more directly with advice, product in-stock verifications, and price discount authorizations. If I was a salesperson, I would definitely use the application because of the instant access to information and the overall way it makes the job itself simpler. 5. They both benefit from the partnership. Apple makes money from the sales of the IPhone and more people buy the IPhone because they see all the functions that it can perform and Salesforce benefits because it can have their applications on one of the top selling pieces of equipment you can purchase....
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