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Landmark Baptist Temple - Jeremy Pflug - Landmark Baptist...

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Landmark Baptist Church has a cornerstone of the Cincinnati community for more than 200 years. The history of this Baptist Church begins at Tucker Station. Tucker Station was founded in 1792 as fortified rendezvous settlement. (History of Cincinnati, 430) There Landmark (known as Springfield Church) began and provided the community with a place of worship for 40+ years until they decided to move to Lockland. The Lockland Baptist Church began in 1840 with members composed of the old Springfield church. A place of worship for Lockland was erected in 1840. (History of Cincinnati, 443) There on the corner of Lock St. and Cooper Ave. this Baptist Church provided the Village of Lockland with a place of worship for 120 years. Then in 1960, Lockland Baptist Church, moved to Evendale and became Landmark Baptist Church. With over 100 acres of land, Landmark Baptist Temple became a cornerstone of the Evendale community. Landmark has not only provided the community with a church, it also provides the community with a Christian School as well as many sports facilities which the church opens up for camps and open usage for people of all different races and backgrounds. Finally, on the acreage is a beautiful cemetery which has provided many families a gorgeous place to lay their loved ones to rest. The organizational structure of this church is as follows; Matt Holman, Lead Pastor, Jason Mahr, Student Pastor, Jake Holman, Worship Pastor, Duke Herring, Missions Pastor, Toddy Pflug, Sports Ministry/Building Supervisor, Denise Leach, Office Administration, Debbie Lacey, Executive Assistant, and Brad Leach, Grounds Supervisor. Landmark has a very rich history and has even been broadcasted all over the United States. The Landmark Hour was a radio broadcast of the Sunday evening service of the Landmark Baptist Temple for over 25 years beginning in the 1960's through the 1980's. At its height the service was broadcast on over 800 radio stations worldwide. The very popular music
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program of the church was also featured including the Landmark Choir and the Landmark Quartet that toured the country in the late 1960's. Landmark has a basic mission that the church and its people live by.
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Landmark Baptist Temple - Jeremy Pflug - Landmark Baptist...

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