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Jeremy Pflug MATH 354-301 August 24, 2009 HW #1 Pg. 16 #8 A. Population – To obtain the average grade, you must know each of the student’s grade and then divide them by the total number of students. B. Population – To obtain the average profitability, you must know each of the number one Fortune 500 companies’ profit, then divide them by 10. C. Sample – There are multiple sources of information for each of these companies. There would be too much information to go over, so a sample would be appropriate. D. Sample – Take a few of the songs that you like and divide it by how much actual space is
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Unformatted text preview: on the Ipod and you will be able to get an estimate on how many songs you would be able to fit. Appendix A on pages 771-773 Character of Variable Level of Measurement If Quantitative X1 Quantitative Ratio Discrete X2 Quantitative Ordinal Discrete X3 Quantitative Ratio Continuous X4 Qualitative Nominal X5 Quantitative Ratio Continuous X6 Qualitative Nominal X7 Qualitative Ordinal X8 Quantitative Ordinal Discrete...
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