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HW #8 - the list as first come first serve type deal 24a...

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Jeremy Pflug HW #8 MATH 354 10/18/09 Chapter 8 #20, 24, 32, 36 20a. Jeanne Fiorito, Douglas Smucker, Jeanine Huttner, Harry Mayhew, Mark Steinmetz, Paul Langenkamp b. Judith Furlong, Wendy Martin, Sanford Kimmel, Charles Holt c. Francis Aona, Paul Langenkamp, Ricardo Pena, Mark Young, Harry Mayhew, Mark DeMichiei, Richard Koby d. R. E. Scherbarth, David DeFrance, Denny Mauricio, Hasmukh Parmar, Ronald Reynolds – I started from the first one and selected 2 solos, 2 partnerships, and one group going straight down
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Unformatted text preview: the list as first come first serve type deal. 24a. When we increase the size of the sample the standard error of the mean decreases. b. When we increase the sample size the distribution of the sample mean increases. c. When using the distribution of sample means to estimate the population mean, the benefit of using a larger sample size is to ensure that the results are adequate. 32a. Normal b. 2 c. .0062 d. Almost all e. About .9938 36a. .8529 b. Normal population...
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