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Jeremy Pflug Hypothesis Testing Project Math 354 – 301 I believe that most people know of the saying, “time is money…” However, I feel that of these people, most don’t understand how long 30 seconds is and what it actually feels like. This is a problem in the workforce today because we live in a society where employers realize that each second wasted is revenue lost. The problem that I am going to study is whether or not someone realizes what 30 seconds is and if they either underestimate or overestimate the elapsed time. The population that I will study will be my group of peers at Delta Airlines Reservations. In our department, we are evaluated on our average call handling time, the amount of time we take to “wrap up” a call, and the percentage of calls that end in a sale. There is broad range of ages, race, and sex within my company, so I feel this will provide a very diverse field to sample.
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Unformatted text preview: The way I will sample this is to ask a co-worker, while taking a customers call to tap on the table when they feel that 30 seconds has elapsed. I will start the timer when they start their greeting and stop the timer when they tap the table. I will sample 100 calls during the day and then average the time that each of my co-workers takes to tap. I will average by total, by race, by sex and also by age to see if there is any significant different in the averages. I hypothesize that my testing will show an underestimation in total average time. I believe that females will show a faster estimation than men. I believe that younger workers will have a fast estimation than older workers. Finally, I feel that Caucasian workers will have a faster estimation on 30 seconds than non-Caucasian workers....
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