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Jeremy Pflug GM570 April 1, 2011 Application 5.1 Avoidance Totals: A. 9 B. 15 Competition Totals: A. 14 B. 18 Compromise Totals: A. 22 B. 16 Accommodation Totals: A. 20 B. 10 Collaboration Totals: A. 17 B. 20 Person A – My wife Person B - Brother Application 5.2 2. With the competition style, my wife and I decided a long time ago to not get competitive when a conflict arrives. This allows us to deal with our situation in a civilized way. My brother and I on the other hand turn everything into a competition. It is almost as if being right is more important that dealing with the conflict. With the compromise style, here is where my wife and I excel. We put out our opinions and compromise on the decisions that we need to make. We also accommodate each other’s wishes
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Unformatted text preview: and deal with the conflict in a way that we are both happy. My brother and I… not so much. We aren’t accommodating about anything. It’s the reason our arguments go on for forever. 4. The advantages of using different styles for different conflicts are so that the conflict can actually be resolved. When two people can compromise, they can both get things that they want out of the conflict. In another situation, we might accommodate another person’s wishes in order to “agree to disagree.” 5. Without a doubt, personal situations are looked at differently than non-personal situations. If you are discussing a conflict that you feel very passionate about, you may be more competitive than if it were a non personal situation....
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