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RELG 270 - Intro

RELG 270 - Intro - "systems of beliefs ritual...

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RELG 270 Introduction Urgency of the Ecocrisis Industrial pollution Air, water, and agricultural land pollution Overpopulation/overconsumption Resource depletion Widespread destruction of species Global climate change Religion and Ecology "the attitudes and values that shape people's concepts of nature come primarily from religious worldviews and ethical practices" Religion is indispensible - if you want to get people to do things, target religion Religion is the basis of human identity for some What is Religion? Belief/faith Tradition Continuity Rules/laws.ethics Anthropogony Anthroposentrism Community
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Unformatted text preview: "systems of beliefs, ritual, institutional life, spiritual aspiration, and ethical orientation" • "in religious traditions human beings as other or more than simply their purely social or physical identities" • Transcendence o Orients us beyond the day-to-day o (ie: g-d is a transcendent being) • Provides norms for behaviour within the day-to-day • Provides ritual to reinforce a personal and communal sense of our connection to the Ultimate/Sacred/G-d • Identity vs. Hobby o Who you are vs. what you do from time to time • Could be a resource for eco-protection or eco-exploitation. .....
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