RELG 270 - Buddhist Environmental Ethics

RELG 270 - Buddhist Environmental Ethics - RELG 270...

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RELG 270 Buddhist Environmental Ethics The Buddha and the buddhas o The word Buddha means enlightened o There have been many buddhas and will be many buddhas o But there is only one capital B Buddha o Buddha = Siddhartha Gautama Born in north eastern India to a small kingdom Mother died when a few days old Had several fortune tellers to tell his fortune when he was young One fortune teller said He would become an incredible leader - not just king but king of all of India or greater The child would become religious leader In order to ensure the first one keep away from age, death, illness Siddhartha grows up - marries - has a son He wants to see the world beyond the kingdom - charioteer takes him out into the city 4 sights of the Buddha Elderly person - weak and frail - Siddhartha sees this and asks what it is - charioteer says it's aging - it happens to everyone Dead person - people mourning - Siddhartha asks what it is - charioteer says it's death - it happens to everyone Sick person - … Sees a person in a saffron robe asking for things with a begging bowl - he's renounced the way of the world in order to understand the world - Siddhartha says that is for him - says goodbye to his family Went on a journey - extremist asceticism Sits until reality of all things come to him - meditates While he meditates a great power circulates him The evil one comes while he reaches his enlightenment because he doesn't want him to reach this Siddhartha comes into full enlightenment regardless - becomes the Buddha Understands the world - teaches o Buddhist tradition binds itself to the teachings of the Buddha Theravada (way of the elders) Sri Lanka, India, etc. Monastic tradition Mahayana (greater vehicle) Flourished within Buddhism More about a vision - wrong to compare with Theravada Vajrayana (diamond vehicle) Comes out of the Mahayana tradition o Buddhist tradition has a canon - 3 baskets
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RELG 270 Sutras Teaching of the Buddha Divided into more categories Vinaya Structure and discipline of the monastic order The way the monks live Abhidharma Come later Description of the psychophysical world around us but with the eyes of someone who is enlightened What the world would look like with the enlightened eye o The four noble truths The first truth Dukkha - suffering (unsatisfactoryness)
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RELG 270 - Buddhist Environmental Ethics - RELG 270...

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