RELG 270 - Christianity

RELG 270 - Christianity - RELG 270 Christianity...

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RELG 270 Christianity Demographically World's largest religion Majority in north America and Europe Ethiopia has 7x as much Christian history as Canada has history Denominations Judaism → Jesus o Eastern orthodox o Roman catholic o Anglican o Reformed o Lutheran o Radical reformers Sources of Authority Bible o Old testament (Deuteronical books) o New testament Gospels; Acts of the Apostles 4 gospels - life, teachings, acts, resurrection of Jesus Acts. .. - what was going on immediately after resurrection Epistles (letters) Interpretation of theological issues Expound on narratives associated with gospels Deal with practical questions of conduct in the world Revelation (apocalypse) Visionary experience of the symbolic end destruction of the world and the universal order Considered a difficult text to interpret, grasp Authoritative tradition of the church community o How we interpret the bible Believer's/group's ongoing interpretation Uniting Principles Nicene Creed o We believe in one God. .. o Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son. .. Jesus understood to be the son of God Immaculate conception - for God, all things are possible Son of a human mother (fully human), also fully divine (son of God) Human nature but never sins Considered messiah of promise
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RELG 270 - Christianity - RELG 270 Christianity...

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