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RELG 270 - Genesis - RELG 270 Genesis The Historical Roots...

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RELG 270 Genesis The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis Written by Lynn White Junior o Blaming religion for the eco-crisis "human ecology is deeply conditions by beliefs about our nature and destiny" Religion (especially Christianity) o The most anthropocentric religion the world has seen" (1206) o "our science and technology have grown out of Christian attitudes toward man's relation to nature" (1206) "since the roots of our trouble are so largely religios, the remedy must also be essentially religious" o We have to use religion to rectify the situation The Bible Whose bible is it? o Old testament and new testament Collection of ancient writing from Israel Indispensible prologue of the new testament o Old testament or Hebrew bible? Use what you want, synonymous o Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim Hebrew bible - divided into these 3 sections Torah - law Nevi'im - prophets Ketuvim - writings o Pentateuch First 5 books of the torah (Chumash) Tradition tells us these were written by Moses, this can be challenged Genesis First book of the bible In Hebrew, means "in the beginning" or "the origin of things" - etiology First Account of Creation Gen 1.1-2.4a Priestly account (6th c BCE) Features of the Priestly Source o Blessing as fruitfulness and multiplying o Covenants o Genealogies o Role of priests o Work of God as driving force in history Bilateral Symmetry of Genesis 1.1-2.4a Day Environment Day Inhabitant 1 Light 4 Sun, moon, stars 2 Sky and sea 5 Birds and fish 3a Dry land 6a Animals 3b Vegetation 6b Humans Assumes God already exists - doesn't matter where He came from
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RELG 270 Very kingly motif, what God says happens no matter what Biblical world view o God separates the waters from the waters (plastic egg in bath)
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RELG 270 - Genesis - RELG 270 Genesis The Historical Roots...

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