RELG 270 - Judaism

RELG 270 - Judaism - RELG 270 Judaism Branches o o Orthodox...

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RELG 270 Judaism Branches Orthodox o Renowned for keeping close to commandments outlined in scripture Conservative o Bind to traditions but allow some manipulations to fit with the times Reconstructionist Reform Important Texts Tanach o Ways to interpret Literary Linguistic Historical Archaeological Comparative Orthodox - torah is primary; all texts are subservient, divine origin Conservative - texts are word of god, "dynamically inspired", revelation is ongoing Reform - Hebrew bible is a collection of human texts that preserve the culture, history, etc. valuable for moral insight, revelation is ongoing Hassidic - knowledge of god's thoughts through mystical communion Talmud o Mishnah Most authoritative collection of oral tradition Legal material bound in Torah o Gemara Rabbinic commentary on the Mishnah Leviticus (Vayikra) 3rd book of the bible Torat kohanim o Instruction manual of the priests o Called Leviticus because priests are Levis Yahweh speaks to Moses Boring? Rules for sacrifice, worship, priests, and purity. .. How can a rebellious, weak, sinful people meet god and exist in His presence? o How do you image the holiness of God? Holiness. .. Everything in the world is graded in holiness in its relation to god So, everything has its place in the divine order. .. Meaning is derived from its relationship with god Lev 11.45: "You shall be holy, for I am holy" Lev 10.10: "to distinguish between the holy and the profane, the clean and the unclean" o Job of the priests Leviticus and Holiness Biblical system of clean and unclean things
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RELG 270 - Judaism - RELG 270 Judaism Branches o o Orthodox...

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