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RELG 270 Lynn White's Critique "our science and technology have grown out of Christian attitudes toward man's relation to nature" 1. Anthropocentrism Human beings at the center, the value of all things according to human measure/utility Only humans are made in the image of god Human dominion 1. Linear time and progress We are advancing/civilizing with time Humans created last (God saved the best for last) Progress = mastering, subduing, changing the natural world for our benefit What About Science? Not to blame. .. White is convinced that such thinking is from religion Science is empowered by religion 1. Eschatology Focus on the world to come Leads to irresponsibility with regard to the environment now If this world will pass away, why bother investing effort to protect/save it? 1. Hierarchy and Dualisms Power of naming (God names Adam, Adam names the animals, Adam names Eve). .. Implies dominion, ownership, control Cosmic struggle between pairs in opposition, where one is superior to the
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Unformatted text preview: other (dualism): man/woman, heaven/earth, soul/body • Only humans are made as God's image 1. Sin • When humans sin, both humans and nature take consequence • Sin doesn't only change human nature, but nature itself • Bound up in the material world • Enmity between humans and the natural world (re: the curses), separation from god 1. Rejection of Animism and the Desacralization of Nature • Animism: all living/nonliving things are vested with spirit, sacredness of the created order • Christianity rejects this: leaving to indifference to the feelings of natural objects • Makes it possible to exploit nature • Emphasis on the transcendence ("otherness") of God Religion as Root and Remedy • "Since the roots of our trouble are so largely religious, the remedy must also be essentially religious" Saint Francis of Assisi • Christian saint, patron of environment • Understands natural world to be partners in worship of god...
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