ENGL 230 - Lecture 3

ENGL 230 - Lecture 3 - ENGL 230 Lecture 3 Mimesis =...

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ENGL 230 Lecture 3 Mimesis = imitation Mimesis is the imitation of an action and presents it as if it was real and present Drama drafts elements from our shared common world like chairs, lights, aprons, etc. in order to craft it's own distinct universe where these objects will take on a second significance Identity lies in the fact that the chair is the same thing on stage as it is in life The difference lies in the fact that a chair is never just a chair while it's on stage In the York Crucifixion the central human body is that of Jesus but it is treated in a peculiarly object fashion He speaks only twice which makes him an almost non-speaking object His body is talked about in its specific materiality and also in its parts - who's going to take the head and the hands and the feet while they attach the body to the cross and also when they put the cross up Jesus is depicted in his full humanity - naked, tortured, bleeding The duality of Christ's body for medieval Christians is shown in the play Christ according to the doctrine is both fully human but also full divinity The wafer is both the piece of bread and the body of Christ o 1218 onwards the bread is the Christ The feast of Corpus Christi is the reason for the York Crucifixion The ingestion of the wafer formed the central part of the catholic mass The host in that moment is raised up before the congregation above the priests head In that moment the congregation are said to be transported to Cavalry where
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ENGL 230 - Lecture 3 - ENGL 230 Lecture 3 Mimesis =...

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