ENGL 230 - Lecture 6

ENGL 230 - Lecture 6 - ENGL 230 Lecture 6 Play comes from...

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ENGL 230 Lecture 6 Play comes from about 430 BCE Golden age of ancient Greek drama Within this century that the three great Greek tragic playwrights lived Sophocles, Euripides, Iescheles Iescheles adds a second actor to the chorus and actors This brought out a protagonist and deuteragonist instead of simply singing 5th century --> emergence of the dramatic from the lyric Sophocles introduced a 3rd character --> with the emergence of these new characters the importance of the chorus was diminished The protagonist was meant to be a very virtuosic performer You want to think of the choral odes as big musical theatre production numbers o Everyone's moving in time with the back and forth that is sung o Glee Chorus added a lot of spectacle to the spectacle Pushes the desire to see things and not just to hear them --> not just the recitation of poetry and recounting stories but to see them in front of you Festival of Dionysus was extremely important and the theatre was the most important of the events Playwrights had to write a trilogy and a satyr play and were awarded money for winning The text in fact was largely undecipherable --> not read for enjoyment or leisure The text was crammed into the full space of the page in order to save paper --> full of symbols and abbreviations o There was a code for those who would need to be performing the play The point was to create a text such that it could be interpreted into spoken language and performance The idea was that you would see the play and hear the play --> not that you would read it The text has very little importance --> just a prompt to performance In ancient Greek theatre the text is used up by performance In 348 BCE texts were recorded and archived and if you wanted to 'read' the text you would have to go to where it was archived and have the librarian?? read it to you If the text is difficult to recover and understand so is the performance
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ENGL 230 - Lecture 6 - ENGL 230 Lecture 6 Play comes from...

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