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ENGL 230 - Lecture 8

ENGL 230 - Lecture 8 - ENGL 230 Lecture 8 Commedia...

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ENGL 230 Lecture 8 Commedia dell'arte Comedy of the artists "arte" = craft or profession Theatre as a profession o Made their living doing theatre Commedia dell'arte, an 18th century designation by Italian Playwright Carlo Goldoni o Believed that theatre should be written down and wanted to move away from commedia dell'arte Commedia alla mascara = masked comedy Commedia dell'improvisio = improvised comedy Commedia degli zanni = comedy of the buffoons Commedia non scritta = unscripted/unwritten comedy It is a connective tissue among all forms of western theatre history Major influence on subsequent traditions All of the great national dramatists were heavily influenced by the commedia dell'arte o Historical consistency --> Merchant of venice --> Pantalones Dominated theatre for about 2 centuries 1570 - 1640 was it’s heyday Characters can still be found in entertainment today o Winnie the pooh Rabbit = Pantalones Pooh = Arlecchino
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