ENGL 230 - Lecture 12

ENGL 230 - Lecture 12 - ENGL 230 Lecture 12 Prologues and...

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ENGL 230 Lecture 12 Prologues and Epilogues A way of communicating with the audience o Can establish the theme of a play o Comment on events o Introduce a character o A way to think favorably of a play Often designed to be funny o Might have a tragedy followed by an epilogue Written with a specific actor in mind 1660-1700 o 9/10 new plays had both a prologue and an epilogue 1660-1710 o 200 + plays featured either a prologue or epilogue spoken by a woman Important to consider both the speaker of the prologue and the writer - might not necessarily be the same as the playwright Texts tend to be expected o Mary Pix, Queen Catharine prologue o Mocking the audience for laughing at whatever prologue she gives them Some were written for special occasions - would only be spoken once at that special occasion New and more up to date prologues could be written for subsequent revivals of the play Prone to exaggeration Can give a lot of information on the restoration period playwrights, authors, and actors The advent of the actress Theatres closed 1642-1660 o When they reopened women appeared on the professional, public stage o Women had been seen before that but only in private performances o Women were involved in a lot of civic dramatic activity across England o After 1660 acting becomes a career for women o At the beginning women of lower and middle class women take to the stage as a means to support themselves financially o Acting therefore became connected in the audiences mind as prostitution - using body for money o Were actresses considered as professionals or did presumptions of their sexuality
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ENGL 230 - Lecture 12 - ENGL 230 Lecture 12 Prologues and...

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