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ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY EE 255 Assignment #4 P roblem #1 A 100-KVA, 11000/2200-V, 60-Hz single-phase transformer has the following equivalent circuit parameters, referred to low-voltage side: , 1440 , 4950 , 49 . 2 , 531 . 0 = = = = m c eq eq X R X R The transformer is supplying at 2200-V rated load at a power factor of 0.8 lagging. Use the approximate circuit to determine: 1. The voltage regulation of the transformer, 2. The efficiency of the transformer. Problem #2 A 100-KVA, 60-Hz, 12000/240-V single-phase transformer is tested to obtain the equivalent circuit parameters using a short-circuit test. The voltage applied to the 12000-V side is 600 V with a short-circuit current equal to the rated current and short-circuit power of 1200 W. a. Find . and eq eq X R b. Assume that the transformer supplies a load of 100 KVA at 240 V and 0.95 PF lagging on the secondary side. Determine the voltage required at the primary side and the power factor. Problem #3
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