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ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT California Polytechnic State University EE 255 Assignment #5 Problem #1 A delta-wye three-phase transformer bank is supplying a balanced three-phase load of 750-KVA and 0.85 lagging power-factor. The line-to-line input voltage to the high side is 12-KV at 60 Hz. The phase-to-phase turns ratio of the transformer is 5:1. Determine the line voltage, phase voltage, line current, and phase current for both high and low sides. (Magnitude only) Problem #2 Three 500-KVA, 7200/480-V, 60-Hz single-phase distribution transformers are connected in wye-delta on a 12470 V three-phase source. If the load is 1200 KVA, calculate the line and phase currents for both high and low sides. (Magnitude only) Problem #3 The transformers of problem 2 are used to raise the voltage of a three-phase 480 V line to 7.2 KV line-line. a. How should they be connected? b. Calculate the primary and secondary currents for a 1500 KVA load. (Magnitude only)
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