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ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT California Polytechnic State University EE 255 Assignment #9 Problem #1 A 480-V, 60-Hz, 4-pole, Y-connected synchronous generator rated at 470-KVA and 0.85 PF lagging. Its armature resistance is 0.016 The core losses of this machine at rated conditions are 7 KW, and the friction and windage losses are 8 KW. A. Determine the electrical losses of this generator at rated conditions (stator copper losses). B. If this generator is operating at the rated conditions, what input torque must be applied to the shaft? Express your answer both in Newton-meters and in pound- feet. Problem #2 A 480-V, 60-Hz, 4-pole synchronous motor draws 50 A from the line at unity power factor and full load. Assuming that the motor is lossless, answer the following questions: a. What is the output torque of this motor? Express the answer both in Newton-meters and in pound- feet b. What must be done to change the power factor to 0.8 leading? Explain your answer using phasor
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