Arguments for college drinking

Arguments for college drinking - socialize with my friends...

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Dean Search Professor McCorry Thought and Expression 11 November 2010 Problem: Underage drinking and its negative effects on decision-making and education a.) I first discovered this was a problem during my senior year of high school. b.) The worst part about it is that kids are more worried about drinking then they are about their future. c.) Some of its causes may be peer pressure or the urge to feel the effects of alcohol. d.) I’m at a party and I have to pay five dollars for the keg but I just want to get in to
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Unformatted text preview: socialize with my friends and not drink. They do not let me in unless I pay five dollars. This is typical of college parties because they think you are only there to drink. e.) This problem upsets because all my friends rather go out and drink then hang out with me. f.) I associate this problem with most of the students who attend colleges although not all do this....
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