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Dean Search Professor Robbins Psychology 22 November 2010 Asch Line Experiment The Asch line experiment is a perfect example of how people conform to other people’s views because they are the majority. In his experiment he put all the participants in a classroom. Some had no clue what the experiment was and others were there to help conduct the experiment by purposely making the majority the wrong answer in order to see if people would conform. The only rule was that they had to say their answer out loud. The first few questions they got right but when the accomplices of the experiment
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Unformatted text preview: started purposely getting answers wrong, the participants did as well because they were going with the majority. This can be compared to everyday life. For example, some college students drink alcohol because they believe everyone is doing it and want to fit in. This is similar to the line experiment because the participants went along with everyone else’s beliefs despite what they thought the right answer was. They conformed to other people’s ideas and did not go off what they knew in fear that they would be wrong or would not fit in, in the case of the alcohol scenario....
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