biography - team The most unique thing about me is probably...

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Dean Search Professor Wagenor Financial Accounting 25 January 2011 Biography My name is Dean Search and I am a nineteen-year-old first year student here at Arcadia University. Although I am currently undeclared, I am leaning towards declaring accounting as my major. I grew up in the small town of Cream Ridge, New Jersey and attended Allentown High School. While at Allentown High School, I was a three-sport athlete for all four years. I played soccer (four years varsity), basketball (three years varsity), and ran track (three years varsity) in the springtime. In each of these sports I contributed to the success of the team through leadership, hard work, and dedication. These attributes lead me to play college soccer this past fall. I had mixed feelings about how the program was run but I honestly believe it has made me a better person in so many different ways. I love hanging out with my teammates and just being a part of the
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Unformatted text preview: team. The most unique thing about me is probably that I live on a goat farm and am in a children’s book titled Life on a Goat Farm. It was written by Judi Wolfman and the photography was done by David Winston (Google it). On the cover of the book is my brothers and I sitting on a fence holding baby goats. My younger brother Luke is in the middle, my older brother Jimmy is on the left, and I am sitting on the right. I also have a half brother (Michael) that is the father of my twin nieces, Emily and Kaitlyn. My dad works for New Jersey Department of Corrections and my mom just recently got a nursing job in a hospital. She was always a stay at home mom but decided to go back to school and get her RN license so she could help pay for her sons college tuition. I extremely admire and appreciate her and all the hard work that she does for my brothers and I....
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biography - team The most unique thing about me is probably...

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