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Cover letter final portfolio

Cover letter final portfolio - Portfolio Cover Letter Going...

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Portfolio Cover Letter Going into my first English class of my college career I was not completely sure what to expect. Various different questions kept running through my head as I approached our first class in room 210 Taylor Hall. Was I prepared for college level writing? Would I be the worst writer in the class? How would the class be taught? The list goes on and on. As the semester progressed I started to find answers to these questions. I found out many new things about my writing as well as my personality. Our first essay was a personal story. I chose to write about my mother and how she impacted my writing career. Brainstorming ideas about what to write was extremely difficult and I struggled tremendously. By doing a forty-five minute free write before actually writing the essay really helped me cope with my problems with writing it. It made me put my ideas on paper without making me worry whether it was good or not. After doing this, I had good ideas that helped me compose my paper more easily. I consider this paper to be a huge stepping-stone towards my other papers. This is because I had not fully adapted to the college writing style yet and I learned to improve through my revision. I used the suggestions professor McCorry gave me in order to receive a better grade and I believe this was a huge accomplishment for me because I went from receiving a “C” to a “B.” I found this to be big relief because never had I ever received a “C” on any of my papers in high school. Yet, despite my revision, I believe that I never really got the true gist of how to write a personal story. After looking through the many rhetorical analyses we did, I noticed that each one got progressively better, leading up to my final on sex education in schools. I have never been asked to write a rhetorical analysis in my life. Therefore I was skeptical on how I
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was going to do on the assignments in that specific unit. We first learned what ethos, pathos, and logos were. This had me confused because I was so concentrated on trying to incorporate them into the paper that my paper did not flow effectively. This lead to an unorganized paper where I did not begin each paragraph with a claim. For example, in one of my first rhetorical analyses on A Man Without a Country I began a paragraph with a mere statement rather then a claim; Vonnegut believes that our purpose in this world is to mess around. This exemplifies my inexperience as a writer. However, I gained that experience through each rhetorical analysis I wrote. By the end of unit two, when I was composing my final rhetorical analysis, it was evident that I had showed great improvement from when I first started writing them. I was now aware of the proper technique and format of writing a rhetorical analysis. For instance, I now started with a claim in each paragraph and explained how it was effective and ineffective to the author’s argument. In one of my claims for my final paper I state, “Due to sexual content in
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Cover letter final portfolio - Portfolio Cover Letter Going...

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